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Company Information

Company History

  • April 2009 - Aichi USA and Louisville Forge merge to create Aichi Forge USA, Inc.
  • December 1999 - Aichi USA purchases remaining 80% of Louisville Forge
  • August 1997 - Aichi USA purchases 20% of Louisville Forge
  • September 1996 - Relocated facilities from Louisville, KY to Georgetown, KY
  • July 1990 - Formed a Joint Technology agreement with Aichi Steel
  • March 1985 - Louisville Forge purchased by Private Investor from International Harvester

Philosophy and Values

  • To provide a Safe Working Environment
  • Focus on Environment
  • Open and Honest Communications
  • Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
  • Corporate Citizenship

Aichi Group Company Locations

  • Aichi Steel Corporation (HQ – Japan)
  • Aichi Forge USA, Inc. (AFU)
  • Aichi Forging Company of Asia, Inc. (AFC) - Philippines
  • Shanghai Aichi Forging Co., Ltd. (SAFC) - China
  • Aichi International (Thailand) Co., Ltd (AIT) - Thailand
  • PT. Aichi Forging Indonesia (AFI) - Indonesia

Typical Products

  • Light Truck Steering Knuckle
    Light Truck Steering Knuckle

  • Light Truck Ball Joint Attachment
    Light Truck Suspension Components

  • Inline Crankshaft
    Inline Crankshaft
  • Class 8 Truck Steering Knuckle
    Heavy Duty Truck Steering Knuckle

  • Class 8 Truck Steering Component
    Heavy Duty Truck Steering Component

  • Inline 4 Crankshaft
    Aviation Crankshaft

Custom forged complex engineered applications produced from carbon, alloy and micro-alloy grade steels for automotive, light truck and heavy duty applications.

Forgings for heavy duty and automotive applications can be forged up to 75 Kg; including steering knuckles, steer arms, tie rods, ball joint brackets and attachments.

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